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What's New

Volunteer against Income Inequality

The fight against income inequality is bigger than all of us. To really win this battle, we’ll need everyone on board, and there’s a ton of different ways you n get involved! Even if you’re not a union member, volunteering with any number of organizations could help turn the tide. Use our map to find allies in your area and help us win a fairer future for all nadians.

NUPGE does not officially endorse any organizations unless they are clearly labeled as a NUPGE affiliate.


Map links to map about groups fighting income inequality

The Lists

Top 10 Perks of Public Services

(Photo Chuttersnap).

15 things you didn’t know about your paycheque.

(Photo?Pina Messina).

In the News

Auditor General of nada raises concern that the tax system isn't keeping pace with the digital economy

Ottawa (17?May 2019) In its weekly newsletter, nadians for Tax Fairness has reported that, according to?the Auditor General of nada, nadian businesses are at an "unfair disadvantage" beuse the tax system has not kept pace with the digital economy. While nadian companies are required to?collect and remit sales tax on top of income tax, foreign e-commerce corporations such as Netflix and Facebook are not.